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Eastern Open Exhibition

The Eastern Open was on at King's Lynn Art Centre from 8th April to 27th May 2006
Future Dreams

"Future Dreams"
My picture "Future Dreams" was one of the 84 pictures selected from 681 entries this year. I'd not been to previous years' exhibitions so was very interested to have a look around when I went over for the Awards ceremony and Opening on 8th April. I was very impressed - there's some really great stuff in the show and it's been all very well laid out. One picture in particular caught my eye - in fact it rather mesmerised me - and when I found that it had won the top prize of 2000 I determined that I would congratulate the painter. At one point I saw him rushing past and ran after him. He went into one of the galleries, and I introduced myself and congratulated him. Whilst we were chatting, he asked me if I had a picture in - and when I pointed to it on the wall at the end of the gallery, he said, "Funnily enough, I just went off to get a catalogue to see how much it was because I was thinking of buying it" - and then he went off and bought it. So I had sold the picture within an hour and a half of the exhibition opening - and started a mutual appreciation society to boot.
For each entry, artists were given a postcard to make a mini-artwork on - here is one of mine (entitled Wild(e)):


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